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Gotong-Royong Keceriaan dan Kebersihan EKSA MyAgeingâ„¢

Serdang, October 2 - The Malaysian Research Institute on Ageing (MyAgeing™) organized a Gotong-Royong Keceriaan dan Kebersihan EKSA for the entire MyAgeing™ EKSA area. The event that took place is an initiative aimed at enhancing the quality of MyAgeing™ services and corporate image as a whole.

The event involved five different zones: Delima, Zamrud, Mutiara, Kristal, and Intan. Each zone was provided with a checklist following the EKSA guidelines for cleaning and making improvements in their respective areas.

In a statement, Ms. Shahriah Membar, MyAgeing™ Assistant Registrar, said, "We are delighted to see active participation from MyAgeing™ staff in this gotong-royong. It is evidence of our commitment to maintaining cleanliness and a cheerful space in our workplace. We believe that through these efforts, we can provide better services to our customers."

In addition to cleaning and organizing, several additional activities were carried out during the community work, including arranging the MyAgeing™ reading areas that needed improvement and enhancing relaxation facilities for MyAgeing™ staff and customers.

Ms. Nur Hidayah Tina Abdullah, Head of the Mutiara Zone, said, "This is a great opportunity for us to work together and strengthen our teamwork. We are confident that a clean and cheerful workplace will have a positive impact on overall work spirit and performance."

We hope that the Gotong-Royong Keceriaan dan Kebersihan EKSA event will become an annual tradition that continues to foster teamwork spirit at MyAgeing™ and benefits both customers and the continuously evolving corporate image of MyAgeing™.

Date of Input: 04/10/2023 | Updated: 04/10/2023 | n_asyikin


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