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UPM promotes inter-generation harmony to celebrate senior citizens

By: Nurul Ezzaty Mohd Azhari
Photo: Saleha Harun

SERDANG, October 14 - The Malaysian Aging Research Institute (MyAgeing) at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) hosted the inaugural “Karnival Kesepaduan Intergenerasi” (Inter-generation Harmony Carnival) towards Society 5.0 to celebrate senior citizens and strengthen relationships with the younger generation here today.

The Director of MyAgeing UPM, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Halimatus Sakdiah Minhat stated that the carnival involved the participation of nearly 500 members of the local community, regardless of age, to raise awareness about the issues, challenges, and opportunities of aging populations and retirement preparations.

"Through various activities organised, we indirectly help to bridge the gap between the young and the old within the context of MADANI society while promoting the well-being of senior citizens and households.

"Furthermore, the involvement of all parties can prevent senior citizens from feeling excluded from community activities and combat age discrimination and negative stereotypes against the elderly," she said.

She added that Malaysia is expected to become an aging nation by 2030, and her organisation offers senior citizen training packages to interested organisations and individuals involved in human resources training at various levels.

Meanwhile, the carnival also awarded Tang Muk Sing the Icon of Senior Citizens. He received a cash prize of RM1,000, a victory trophy, and a certificate.

At the same time, the Programme Chairman, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Michael Ling expressed joy in seeing the presence of visitors and the involvement of the entire community in enhancing knowledge related to senior citizens.

"Here, we also provide simulations that allow visitors to experience physical changes as they age, such as blurred vision, back pain, and so on," he said.

A senior citizen from Seremban, Iftkhar Ahmad Abdul Haq, 64, expressed his joy in participating in this carnival because it provided an opportunity to meet other friends.

"Programmes like this encourage people like me to gather together, and fill our time. Additionally, health screening programmes here can also monitor visitors' health, such as blood pressure and so on," he said.

The National Senior Citizens Day in Malaysia has been celebrated on October 1 since 1992 to recognise the contributions, services, and dedication of senior citizens to the country. - UPM

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