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Course of Elderly Travel Care


SERDANG, 13 Feb - The Committee of Training and Educational Resources on Ageing (TERA), Malaysian Research Institute on Ageing (MyAgeing™) held an Elderly Travel Care Course located at Training Room, MyAgeing™. This course is held specifically for participants who serve as "Makcik Travels" under the sponsorship of Auntie Wanders Enterprise. Also present was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MakCik Travels, Cik Siti Sarah Anuar.

The objective of this course is to improve the knowledge and skills of the participants in providing care services to the elderly in the country. This course covers the main components of elderly care such as health, nutrition, mobility, use of support equipment and medicines. This course will also emphasize techniques for dealing with mental and cognitive problems of the elderly such as communication and dementia.

This course will run for three (3) days. On the first day, participants were taught about the topic of 'health problems and limitations in movement, medical terminology and medicines'. As a warm-up activity, speakers and participants do chairobic exercises.

Next, the course continues with the topic of 'effective communication with the elderly'. The main concept in communication is understanding and empathy. Participants were also asked to act through a short script given by the speaker.

The last topic is related to 'elderly nutrition'. Among the methods to improve the nutritional status of the elderly are small but frequent meals, fruits, supplements and adequate sleep and rest. Participants also tried 3 recipes namely vegetable pasta, yong tau fu taucu and wonton soup.

Meanwhile, this course is an extension of the Series 1 course that was held last year in October 26, 2022. For those interested in participating in courses organized by MyAgeing™, please submit an application to the email address: /



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