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Elderly Travel Care Course (Day 3)

By: Nurul Asyikin Mohd Taib

SERDANG, FEBRUARY 25 - The Training and Learning Resources Committee (TERA), Malaysian Research Institute on Ageing (MyAgeing™), has held an Elderly Travel Care Course specifically for participants who serve as "Makcik Travels" under the sponsorship of Auntie Wanders Enterprise. This course is designed to improve their abilities when accompanying the elderly outside of the home.

Participants were taught how to deal with the problem of senility in the morning session. The topic of dementia was thoroughly explained to participants. Participants use the question and answer session allow to share their experiences and find the best solution for dealing with dementia customers.

The course resumed with the topic of Assisted Walking Techniques in the second session (Sighted guide). Each participant learns seven basic techniques. Participants are divided into four groups and do practicals for each technique learned. Participants are instructed on how to apply the techniques learned in a variety of situations such as narrow lanes, obstacle courses, u-turn routes, and sitting.

The course continues in the afternoon with a practical session. Participants are instructed on how to walk with assistance in areas with doors, stairs, getting in and out of cars, and elevators. Participants were given instructions on how to adapt to help the elderly in a variety of situations.

The course concluded with a certificate presentation session to all participants by the director of MyAgeing™, Prof Ir Dr Siti Anom, who was accompanied by Miss Sarah, Chief Executive Officer of Auntie Wanders Enterprises. This evening's photo session marks the end of the Elderly Travel Care Course, which has been running for three days.

Hopefully, the participants will gain useful knowledge and put it into practise when caring for the elderly.

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