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Seminar on Intimacy and Sexuality in Later Life 2016

Despite the important role of sexuality in sustaining quality of life and wellbeing among older adults, issues related to sexuality and intimacy in later life are largely unexplored. Nonetheless, issues related to sexual and intimacy relationship in later life are not discussed openly. Furthermore, limited understanding with regards to sexual behaviour, particularly in the Asian context, intimacy and sexuality in later life are usually regarded as taboo subjects among our conservative society. Sexual related issues are often only disclosed to traditional healers or been discussed between spouses in the privacy of the bedroom. In Malaysia, Malays and Indian women are comparatively less likely demonstrate open attitude towards sexuality and help-seeking for sexual problem.

Therefore, due to the remarkable changes in the Malaysian population structure, where population is aging rapidly, imply a greater need for understanding the sexual and intimacy issues affecting older adults’ quality of life are crucial. Cultural approach and education attainment are play important role in maintaining the quality  intimacy and sexuality among older Malaysian. However, sexual and intimacy issues and encouragement of a dialogue about the ways to foster and promote healthy relationships in later life are still scarce especially among non-western population. Thus, older people are unsure whom to discuss with when they have issues pertaining to intimacy and sexuality. Seminar on Intimacy and Sexuality in Later Life 2016 (ISiLL2016) that was held in 18-20 October 2016 was a platform offered multidisciplinary programming that enables participants and stakeholders to discuss sexuality and intimacy issues in older people holistically. The theme for ISiLL2016 is “Biological and Cultural Perspectives”.

The seminar was designed for professionals with a broad interest in issues related to intimacy and sexuality among older persons, such as health, social, spiritual, and economics aspects of ageing.



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