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The Polytechnic Learning System also responds to Malaysia's 2030 Challenge of Aging Country


SERDANG, February 24 -The Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Polytechnic (POLISAS), Kuantan Pahang, paid a visit to the Malaysian Aging Research Institute (MyAgeing™). This visit was attended by thirty-four (34) Diploma in Architecture students, as well as three (3) accompanying lecturers.

The head of the Geronteknologi Program, Ts. Dr. Mohd Nazim Mohtar, gave the students a basic overview of the services offered in MyAgeing™.

Following that, students are led to MyAgeing™ to see for themselves and try out the services.


"According to Dr. Julia, a POLISAS lecturer, every semester the students will be taken on a site visit to acquire ideas for the projects and assignments that have been assigned, and this semester will focus on the building design project for the Elderly Community Centre."

"Furthermore, beginning in 2023, Malaysia has mandated that every building developed include age-friendly features, particularly those for the elderly."


"The director of MyAgeing™ expressed hope that this visit would develop future plan drafters and contribute value to the building design system, as well as make people aware of the age-friendly services offered in Malaysia."

Simultaneously, POLISAS is a government initiative to expand the number of semi-professionals trained in engineering and commerce to succeed in development projects, hence accelerating the country's industrial development. Malaysia today has 27 polytechnics in operation.

POLISAS is now overseen by a director, who is aided by the Deputy Director (Academic) and Deputy Director (Academic Support) in managing 7 departments and 11 units led by department/unit heads, and has graduated 26,618 students.

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